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The Harmony Grid Size 4x4

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The Harmony Grid is a powerful transformational tool for these times of change which was co-created with a multi-dimensional team under the guidance of the Brotherhood of Light. It was designed to help us reach our full human potential as well as to restore rhythm, balance and harmony to the Earth and all life.

The Harmony Grid is a living geometry. It is fully conscious and can be communicated with. It has a living Light Body which can be infinitely programmed for specific uses. It is a highly evolved Light technology which can be used to develop our creative and healing abilities, for spiritual development in raising levels of consciousness, and to harmonize the energies in our bodies and our environments.

The Harmony Grid is a divine tool of Love and Light and always works in accordance with natural law and for the highest good of all. It is a geometrical representation of the framework of continuity between all life.

It contains all octaves of sound, light, elements, physics, color and access to the infinity of dimensions. It contains waveforms for all life in this universe and with it one can access any specific remedy or healing frequency and apply it locally or at a distance to anyone, anything, or anyplace simply by intending to do so. It may be used by everyone at all levels of consciousness and with repeated use one’s abilities will expand quickly as one becomes aligned with the Higher Self and raises in vibration and awareness. It can do no harm.

The Harmony Grid has no limits to what it can do. Essentially, it heals, harmonizes, and balances all life. Even limiting beliefs are transformed and with repeated use awareness grows and expands. One will also find many varied uses for the Harmony Grid that will be revealed at the appropriate time. Enjoy Creating!

Disclaimer: The Harmony Grid is not a replacement for any medical assessment, intervention or protocol you may subscribe to. We celebrate that the Harmony Grid has come into your life and will support you in your spiritual journey. This much we can claim!

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All sealed Harmony Grids are blessed and activated for you in our Living Light Portal. All sealed Harmony Grids are blessed and activated for you in our Living Light Portal.


The Harmony Grid was received, downloaded, and anchored


by Kathryn Lustig Mongillo in 2011

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